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Welcome to the magical town of San Miguel de Allende. A colonial village in a stunning setting, San Miguel has become known for its large colony of North Americans who come for its arts and culture. Starting around the 1940, artists from painters, sculptors, writers, to poets have come to San Miguel, which celebrated its 450th anniversary in 1992. But what brought them then, is what still brings people today, and that is the beautiful scenery.

The physical exquisiteness of San Miguel stems from the hillside setting of its many lovely old buildings and streets, which offer vistas over the plains and distant hills and mountains. The Mexican government even went as far as to declare the entire town a national monument, ensuring that the cobblestone streets and colonial architecture would retain their original colonial charm. Sitting roughly 6000 feet on top of the highlands, or the Bajio of Mexico, San Miguel has a very agreeable climate and superbly clear light, which is one of the many reasons so many artists have come.

For a town its size, San Miguel offers a wide array of activities, for both day and night. As the saying goes about town, people retire to Florida to die, but retires move to San Miguel to live. Concerts, plays, lectures, readings and art openings fill the weekly schedule, with bigger festivals like the Jazz and Chamber Music Festivals offering world famous entertainment. Plus, San Miguel is known all through Mexico for being the town that likes to have a fiesta for just about any reason. As the other saying goes, they only shot off fireworks in San Miguel on days that end in Y.

Perhaps you should not take our word for it, maybe you should come and discover and see it.
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